Drosera aff. ordensis {narrow leaf form, white dense hairs, traps dark red, Theda Station, Kimberley, Australia} [BCP ID# D2314] / 1+ plants

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Due a pandemic worldwide situation with COVID 19 is the shop closed for ordering of living plants on first half of 2020. We still hope we can open on Autumn 2020 if situation permit. Than you can expect a new revised offer on September. We will finish a season on October 2020 like always.

Drosera aff. ordensis {narrow leaf form, Theda Station, Kimberley, AU} / 1+ plants

Narrow leaf form, rosettes to 8 cm in diam., often forming multi-rosetted clumps, white dense hairs covering petioles appearing greyish en mass, traps dark red, scapes to 20 cm tall, inflorescences 30-50 flowered, Theda Station, Kimberley, Australia. Very rare seedgrown individuals! Price quoted is for a portion; each portion contains 1+ growing plants; in middle to adult size. Limited supply.